Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile: UC will hold cultural weeks in other countries to promote internationalization

In order to bring the university community closer to other nations through cinema, gastronomy, dance, literature and other artistic expressions, the Deputy Vice-Rector for International Affairs will start the cycle “Discover with UC” on November 23. The program will start with Palestine, and will also later include China, Russia, Israel, the United States, Mexico, Thailand, among other countries.

Promoting internationalization at home and bringing the Catholic University community closer to the culture of other countries are the main purposes of the “Discover with UC” project of the Adjunct Vice President for International Affairs .

It is an initiative that will consider a wide variety of activities, among which stand out film cycles, keynote talks, dances, artistic, musical and gastronomic expressions, among others, in which the community can experience and enjoy the culture of other countries without having to travel abroad.

“Discovering with the UC seeks to promote internationalization in the university in a close and friendly way, offering cultural activities that allow our community to know and enjoy other traditions within each of our campuses”, says Florencia Roncone of the Assistant Vice-Chancellor of International Affairs (VRAI).

“Discovering with the UC seeks to promote internationalization in the university in a close and friendly way, offering cultural activities that allow our community to know and enjoy other traditions within each of our campuses” – Florencia Roncone, Assistant Vice President for Affairs International

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the cultural days, which will last between two to three days for each country, will be held in a hybrid format, with face-to-face activities on campus and other remote ones. Likewise, free time slots will be preferred, so that both students, as well as academics, professionals and administrators can participate.

Among the countries invited to this program are China, Russia, Israel, Palestine, Greece, the United States, Mexico, Thailand, South Africa, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, among others. From the VRAI they explain that the objective is to have the representation of the five continents and that five to six countries participate annually, which will also guarantee cultural diversity.

Palestinian culture
Palestina will start the “Discovering with UC” program between November 23 and 24, which is co-organized with the Belén 2000 Foundation . This is how, on Tuesday 23rd, a stand with information and Palestinian products will be installed in the Nursing Patio – San Joaquín Campus, in addition to a show with typical dance at 1:00 p.m.

Meanwhile, that same day in the afternoon, from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., there will be a class on gastronomy, in virtual mode, for those who work at the UC with chef Dalal Halabi , author of the book “Cocina de la diaspora ”And which has more than 65,000 followers on its social networks. With it, you will be able to travel to the Palestinian gastronomy with the fattoush dishes , a typical salad of Palestinian cuisine that is suitable for vegetarians, as well as the Aristelos dessert , a traditional cake made with semolina and syrup.

Then the film “Wajib – Wedding Invitation” , by director Annemarie Jacir released in 2018, will be shown, which tells the story of a father and son, who after years separated and being practically strangers, must meet to help prepare the wedding of Abu’s youngest daughter and hand out, as required by local Palestinian tradition, the invitations personally to each wedding attendee.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday 24 at 12:00 hrs. There will be a keynote talk with the renowned Chilean-Palestinian writer, literary critic and poet Jessica Atal, who was editor of the newspaper El Mercurio, from Capital and Al Damir. His talk will be done in person in room 203 of the UC Innovation Center at the San Joaquín Campus. Due to limited capacity, the talk will also be broadcast via Zoom.

Then, the cultural module will be located from 1:00 p.m. in the atrium of the same building, which will also feature a traditional dance show. After these two days, the cultural week will close with a second of typical gastronomy, also in virtual mode, at 7:30 p.m., carried out by chef Jad Alarja, founder of the “ Kanefeh ” venture . In it, participants will be able to prepare the Msajan dish, a traditional Palestinian dish made from chicken.

Finally, at 8:30 p.m., the film Idol , directed by Hany Abu-Assad and released in 2015, will be screened, which tells the story of Mohammad, a boy from Gaza who dreams of being a singer and performing one day in the Cairo Opera House. Together with his sister and some friends, he sets up an amateur group to animate weddings and earn some money. With great determination, the young man manages to make it to auditions held in Cairo for Arab Idol, the popular television talent show.

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