Porto Business School transforms the Digital MBA into the Global Online MBA


Porto Business School announces the transformation of its Digital MBA into the Global Online MBA, effective June 18. The change reflects the programme’s international orientation and alignment with global standards of educational excellence.

The Global Online MBA, spanning 17 months, maintains the same innovative and rigorous curriculum, with a prominent focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), and encompassing pivotal domains such as Sustainability and Cybersecurity. Moreover, the programme promotes an expanded array of global case studies, diverse faculty expertise, and an extensive network of international alumni.

Designed to provide the MBA participants with the leadership acumen vital for navigating a dynamic global business landscape, the rechristened programme underscores the school’s dedication to promote a comprehensive curriculum with a global outlook, accessible from any corner of the globe.

Renaming this programme is aligned with Porto Business School’s strategy to expand its reach and emphasise the international perspective of the programme.

In fact, the decision to rename the programme aligns with Porto Business School’s strategic vision to broaden its horizons and underscore the international dimension of its offerings.

José Esteves, Dean of Porto Business School says: “Our programme’s title must aptly showcase the expansive, global expertise embedded in our curriculum and embodied by our diverse student community. It serves as a testament to our commitment to providing a comprehensive educational experience that prepares our students to excel in the interconnected, multifaceted landscape of today’s global business arena.”

For its turn, Rosário Moreira, Program Director of the Global Online MBA, “this transformation highlights our commitment to providing a cutting-edge and globally relevant educational experience. By integrating advanced topics such as AI, Sustainability, and Cybersecurity, and leveraging a diverse array of global case studies, we are equipping our students with the skills and perspectives needed to thrive in an ever-evolving international business environment.”

For further details about the Global Online MBA, kindly visit Porto Business School’s website at incluir link.