POSTECH: Jeonghoon Park Wins Best Poster Award at 2021 MRS Fall Meeting

POSTECH Ph.D. candidate Jeonghoon Park (Academic advisor: Professor Junsuk Rho) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering recently won the Best Poster Award at the 2021 Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting.

Park won the Best Poster Award for his work on the chiral mechanical metamaterials. The chiral structure, often called the mirror-image symmetry, is symmetry that has the unique characteristic of no overlap though it is symmetrical like the reflections of our left and right hands in the mirror.

In this research, Park proposed an effective method to mitigate low frequency vibration by using the chiral structure. This method is anticipated to be applicable in machineries, architecture, and other various fields as it can prevent all vibration of a particular frequency regardless of the type or direction of vibration.

On receiving the award, Park remarked, “Thanks to Professor Junsuk Rho’s tireless support and guidance, I was able to win an award at a prominent academic conference.” He added, “I truly appreciate his support and will continuously develop this research to contribute to the advancement of the field.”
“Park’s research is leading the field on mechanical metamaterials and will become the core technology to implement safe and reliable structures in fields including machinery, architecture, civil engineering, and oceanography,” remarked Professor Rho.

MRS is a world-renowned, most prominent academic society on materials with more than 12,000 members in 90 countries around the world. Award winners were from the United States, Europe, Brazil, and Korea, and Park was the only award recipient from Asia.

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