POSTECH: POSTECH Wins Awards at the International Meeting on Information Display

POSTECH researchers and students won the KIDS Award Gold and the Best Paper Bronze at the 21st International Meeting on Information Display (IMID 2021), which took place last month.

IMID 2021 commemorated its 20th anniversary by co-hosting with the the Korea Display Exhibition of the Korea Display Industry Association to provide a platform for industry-academia collaboration. The IMID 2021 was held both online and offline, and about 2,000 experts from 20 different countries in display-related industries, academia, and research attended to present research trends and exchange the latest information and technology.

Dr. Inki Kim (Assistant Professor of Dept. of Biophysics at Sungkyunkwan University), who won the Gold Prize at the KIDS Award, was praised for opening a new horizon in the field of holographic displays to move static holograms dynamically by using liquid crystals, solving an issue of conventional meta-holograms. Professor Junsuk Rho of the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering at POSTECH led this study, and Professor Youngki Kim and Ph.D. candidate Wonsik Kim of the Department of Chemical Engineering participated in the study.

In addition, Ph.D. candidate Gyeongtae Kim of the Dept of Mechanical Engineering at POSTECH won the Best Paper Bronze Prize at the IMID Young Leaders Conference for his paper titled, Dynamic Vectorial Holographic Color Prints by Liquid Crystal-Integrated Metasurface for Anti-Counterfeiting.