PPDN launches documentary featuring four young women leaders ensuring access to education, hygiene for girls during the pandemic

New Delhi: People Powered Digital Narratives has launched a documentary – Girls on a Mission, which chronicles the contribution of young women leaders to promoting education in their communities.


The documentary launched today shows the contribution of four girls – Puneeta, Rinku, Nisha and Pinky – to address the issue of students dropping out of school. The girls have worked to increase school enrollment and address the problem of school dropouts in their villages of Shahpur Khalwapatti and Mishroli in Kushinagar district of Uttar Pradesh.


“Girls are discriminated against and made to do household chores. I took up the responsibility to enroll all girls in my village to the school and ensure that they do not drop out,” said Nisha from Shahpur Khalwapatti.


“We have made it a movement in our village to enroll girls to school through an association that we have created called the Ramabai Kishori Sangathan that seeks to increase enrolment of girls and to keep them in school through the School Chalo Abhiyan,” said Pinky Kumari from Mishroli village.


Girls are often discriminated against and their access to education remains challenging. The School Chalo Abhiyan was initiated in ten villages and saw participation of 445 boys, 407 girls and 126 support members like schoolteachers, school management committee members, ward members and people from community-based organizations.


Puneeta, Rinku, Nisha and Pinky joined hands with an NGO to form two groups. Puneeta and Nisha did so in Shahpur Khalwapatti and Pinky and Rinku, in Mishroli. These Kishori Sangathans (young women’s organizations) discuss measures to improve hygiene, health, environment, and education.


“Earlier, parents were hesitant to send their girls to school. We explained to them the benefits that accrue from school education and had to persistently work in the villages to bring about a change in mindset. We are glad we have got some success at this,” said Rinku from Shahpur Khalwapatti.


Together, the girls’ campaign sensitized 1,500 families across 10 villages and has led to the enrolment of 166 children to school.


The documentary can be viewed at: https://www.facebook.com/HerAkshar/posts/387299303128993