Pr. CCF visits Purmandal to assess enhancing of green cover, Biodiversity & Water availability around historical Temple shrine


JAMMU: Principal Chief Conservator of Forests & HOFF J&K, Dr. Mohit Gera along along with other senior officers today visited Purmandal in connection with enhancing the greenery of the area by creation of Biodiversity Park and promotion of Soil and Water conservation around the forests of famous ancient temple.

This will improve the overall aesthetic value from a holistic point of view.

Chief Conservator of Forests Jammu, K. Ramesh Kumar and Chief Conservator of Forests, East Circle, Jammu, Samuel Changkija accompanied the PCCF during the visit to the area starting from Khara Madana forest up to the Purmandal Temple. The PCCF issued a slew of instructions regarding up-gradation of old established plantation closures starting from 5 km before Purmandal with an idea of improving the aesthetics of roadside and installation of display boards to make visitors aware of the biodiversity of the area.

Further, the Social Forestry department was directed to raise the Avenue plantation through strip plantation as well as by using tree guards along the roadside up to Purmandal as per feasibility. The Social forestry department was also advised to take up the upgradation of soil and water conservation work in the closure already established in Comptt 26/D and to develop it to demonstrate the biodiversity of the area. The PCCF (HoFF), J&K also impressed upon upgradation of existing Purmandal forest nursery with modern techniques to meet the requirement of planting stock and its upgradation.

The PCCF also visited the site for creation of Biodiversity Park in Compartment 35/D Purmandal over an area of 300 kanal with a view to conserve the Biodiversity of the area. The creation of the park has already started with chain link fencing. Various kinds of concept plantations like Nakshatra Van, Panchvati, Triphala van, Bode van, Guduchi van etc are proposed to be created in this biodiversity park according to Indian System of Astrology that links plants with motion of different planets, ethnic and culture of the area. Dharmarth Trust and PRIs are also being consulted for creation of different plantations and choice of species.

Further, to improve the aesthetics of Devak River bank, the department is planting Mulberry, Simbal, Jamun and Popular plants.

The PCCF laid emphasis on greening of surrounding villages of Purmandal by utilization of seed balls and distribution of plants to village Panchayats under “One Beat Guard One Village” programme during the current plantation season. PCCF also directed for the active involvement of all stakeholders, especially the Dharmarth Trust of Purmandal and the PRIs in the process of greening of the area.

The visit was conducted with a view to develop a holistic concept of increased greening of area merging with local culture, ethnic values and religion. The Joint Director Soil and Water Conservation Department, Regional Director Social Forestry Jammu, DFO Research and DFO Samba Forest Division along with Range Forest staff of Purmadal also accompanied the visit.


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