Pratham Test prep to conduct Olympiads on aptitude and current affairs

New Delhi : While the new National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) aims to bring in radical changes to the Indian Education System, with primary and major focus on testing the student’s aptitude, there is a dire need for shifting the focus on aptitude building.

In order to imbibe the same among students who are looking forward to various entrance exams, Pratham test prep is organizing a series of Olympiads including Global Olympiad for Aptitude (GOA) and World GK Olympiad (WGKO). Both the Olympiads will be conducted in 2 stages – School Round and Regional round

While GOA allows students to prepare for aptitude building, WGKO makes them prepped to be up to date with the current affairs. The Global Olympiad for Aptitude (GOA) school round will be conducted on 22nd October and 13th November 2021, while the World GK Olympiad (WGKO) is scheduled in the month of Oct 21.

The selected candidates will qualify for the 2nd stage (regional Round) where top students from various schools from the region will compete to win.

“Aptitude Building is one of the most important things that a student needs at this hour. While the education sector is undergoing a major revamp, the competition among the students is getting fiercer and there is a dire need to make the students’ aptitude friendly. The only way to keep up with the pace of aptitude is regular practice and attempting mock tests/ Olympiads. Global Olympiad on Aptitude (GOA) is one such Olympiad for strengthening one’s skills and identifying the loopholes in the journey towards upliftment of aptitude.” Said Mr. Amit Vig, National Convenor Olympiads, Pratham Test Prep

Each of the stages of the selection process for Admissions to Top Universities and Recruitment Processes by Top Companies have emphasis on Aptitude where one of the key areas is a student’s awareness of Current Affairs. Owing to the emphasis on aptitude and current affairs, its importance and dynamic nature, current affairs is a section that is present in major competitive exams. This is to test a student’s ability to be abreast of what is happening in the world. Many students will not realize the importance of current affairs while preparing for all competitive exams. But after getting a low score they will know the importance of current affairs.

“Students registering for the Olympiads will not only be at an added advantage of knowing their Aptitude and Awareness levels, but also receive access to an online learning portal having brief content and study material, also allowing practice through quizzes. Various student engagement campaigns including a series of competitions from school level to regional level make sure multi-fold exposure for students. Also students will be assessed based on written tests in both the stages. While the winners at both the School and Regional level will be awarded with cash prizes, each participant will also get a recognized certification.” He added