Pratilipi launches monetization features; authors earn over 24 lakhs in the month of October

New Delhi: India’s largest digital literature platform Pratilipi has recently launched new
monetization features, enabling it to further support over 3 lakh writers across the country who
use the platform. The new features build on Pratilipi’s vision to foster and support emerging
writers in India and they are proud to share that their leading writers have earned over 24
lakhs in the month of october.
By subscribing to either of the three monetisation models, Pratilipi’s 25 million monthly readers
can show their support for authors on the platform, gain early access to content or get
invitations to exclusive chats with their favourite writers. The features include:
Virtual gifts enable readers to show their support for a specific author or story by giving a
variety of virtual gifts representing a monetary value.
Superfan subscriptions allow readers to subscribe to their favourite authors and show their
support with a superfan badge. Superfans also gain access to new content 5 days early,
exclusive chat-rooms, live video conferences, and AMAs with the writer they are supporting.

Pratilipi premium provides users access to all the content on the platform at any time along
with access to all the latest episodes of ongoing series under Superfan subscriptions. Along
with offering subscribers access to all the episodes of completed series under the premium
section, the users can also expect to get exclusive access to paid content and exclusive access
to selective features open only for Premium subscribers.
To date, over 5 crores have been gifted by the readers to authors as virtual gifts and Pratilipi
currently has over 28,000 active monthly subscribers. These monetization features are having
tangible and direct impacts on the lives of many of the authors encouraging them to pursue
their passion for writing as a full time career.
For example, Priya Jadhav, one of Pratilipi’s highest earners, joined the platform as a
homemaker looking for new content to read. Having started writing romance and thriller short
stories during last year’s lockdown. Now a popular author on the platform she earned over one
Lakh INR in October 2021 through the monetization features. Commenting on this journey Priya
says, “Give wings to your idea. Keep writing. Take negative comments positively because it
gives you clarity on your writing and of course makes time to read a lot. I am really thankful to
Pratilipi for introducing the author in me. I can say that I finally found a platform where I can
put my imagination into words”.
Similarly, Madhavi Chowdary, who is also amongst the top three earners, was a homemaker
before she started writing love, family, life & suspense stories. Now writing almost full time her
mantra for keeping her Superfans engaged is simple- “update your readers, keep your
imaginations flowing and give a perfect ending to all your series to keep your reader
Whilst many of Pratilipi’s top earners write almost full time, others like Ketaki – a full time
Lawyer – write purely as a hobby. However, that hasn’t stopped Ketaki benefiting from
Pratilipi’s monetization features earning over 85,000 INR in October 2021. Ketaki, who writes
about romance and social issues, believes her popularity on the platform comes from exploring
newer topics and her consistency.
The monetization features build on Pratilipi’s work to realise their writer’s ambitions, support
new tallent and create sustainable careers through developing web series, publishing contracts,
comics and other IP deals for writers whose work proves popular on Pratilipi. .
Talking about the new features Ranjeet Pratap Singh, co-founder, Pratilipi said, “The initial
idea behind Pratilipi was to bridge the wide gap between the authors who write in Indian
languages and those who wish to read that content. With the introduction of the monetisation
models, we are delighted to support and foster India’s writing community to develop long-term
sustainable writing careers.”