Praveen Wadalkar presenting his communication module in Dubai

Mumbai: Praveen Wadalkar is a successful Tech Entrepreneur, 9 times TEDx international speaker, keynote speaker, and a motivational storyteller who would be presenting his communication module in Dubai. 300 schools will be attending the International School Awards. It is the most reliant brand in Educational Awards. The awards are to honor the efforts of the educators and also to motivate them for exploring and mastering the revolutionizing techniques for making education better.

He started his new venture Speak and Grow a few years ago which is a communication skill development company that is entirely digitalized. They conduct free live webinars on a regular basis so that people can join online for the seminar. They will be having a partnership with International School awards where they will be presenting their stage communication module and lab which is a 1-year syllabus for students that will be digitalized. They will also train 2 teachers for those schools to strengthen the whole learning process.

The main aim of this venture is to change the perception of people towards public speaking. As today’s professionals and education system treats public speaking as a hobby or a vocational subject and not as an essential skill and core subject in the academic curriculum. Speak and Grow is trying to bring revolution by leveraging the latest technology and trying to reach everyone. They provide live webinars in which they teach the basic skill sets of communications. This is not only for professionals but also for students. Praveen is also the digital entrepreneur, co-Founder, and CEO of Techizer Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It is among Top 20 mHealth companies as per CIO Review, the company is the Winner of Digital Health Innovator of the year, 2018. Praveen is recently recognized by IFAH (International Forum on Advancement in Healthcare) as the top 100 Healthcare leaders in Asia.

He is also the author of 3 books Public speaking and leadership, Stop Buying Medicines, and How I Became Millionaire by Robbing the Piggy Bank of My 6 Years Old Son. He believes” If the audience is sleeping, someone has to wake the speaker”

By passion, he is a motivational speaker, HMI certified mountaineer, and public speaking coach. He delivers compelling keynote speeches and conference breakout sessions, business storytelling workshops about aligning company’ sales, marketing, and culture so that leaders and employees alike can share that story with the clients.

“Despite good content people are not able to engage the audience in their talks, hence there is a need to develop a system to learns the communication skills,” says Praveen Wadalkar. Stage communication Skills or Public Speaking should be adopted by schools as a proper subject. He wishes to change the perspective of people towards public speaking and remove the fear of public speaking so they can speak and grow.