Pre-Owned Luxury Car Market Leader Introduces Unique Way to Sell Your Car in Under 29 Minutes


New Delhi: Pre owned luxury car Brand Big Boy Toyz introduced a unique 29 minutes selling feature for the pre-loved car buyers. The feature comes as a response to the ongoing pandemic and the impact it has had on many. ‘Sell Your Car in 29 Minutes’ lets authorized car sellers crack a deal at the tap of their fingers. All you need to do is fill a form, available on their website and mobile application, with your personal as well as car details and let BBT take the next course of action. This new concept enables BBT to limit the interaction between a buyer and a seller as social distancing becomes the new normal.

Big Boy Toyz’ Managing Director, Jatin Ahuja said, “We are very excited to launch this new model for our nationwide customers. With this idea, we will be able to serve both buyers and sellers with excellent quality and service. We have always worked towards serving our customers with our finest services and we shall continue to do so by keeping our safety standards. We will also keep innovating as the industry requires a different approach towards consumerism now amidst a global pandemic”. BBT has also added quick links to the webpage for easy navigation if you wish to sell some of the most popular high-end luxury cars. You can also choose from a variety of brands available, taking you to the more descriptive and action-oriented page.

With ‘Sell Your Car in 29 Minutes’, the idea is to evaluate, inspect, and transact without the interested customers having to wait for an exchange offer to get paid. Their purchase criteria involve the likes of accidental history, litigations, insurance history, and national crime record apart from an extended physical and virtual valuation; and all of this in only 29 minutes.
So far, the feature has helped 10,000+ customers with a PAN India presence, secured payment gateways, a ZERO commitment failure. Head over to for a transparent and simple process to find out the best price for your car.