Preparing for a scientific conference of young scientists

On March 25, a full-time competition of scientific reports of the Student Scientific Society of PetrSU took place.
The meeting became a dress rehearsal for the presentation of student reports before the 73rd All-Russian (with international participation) scientific conference of students and young scientists . It was moderated by Anton Aleksandrovich Malyshko, Chairman of the Student Scientific Society of PetrSU, 1st year Master’s student of the Institute of International Social and Social Security.

At the meeting, 9 speeches of students from different institutes were heard. There was a stubborn scientific struggle at the competition.

The prizes of the competition were presented by Cand. tech. Sciences, Associate Professor Marina Ivanovna Rakovskaya, Head of the Department of Scientific Research of PetrSU, and Anton Aleksandrovich Malyshko, Chairman of the Society, curator of the SSS of PetrSU.

A fair assessment of student performances was provided by the jury – experienced teachers: Tamara Mikhailovna Glushanok, Dr. Sciences, Professor of the Department of Tourism, IFKSiT, Lyudmila Anatolyevna Devyatnikova, Cand. tech. Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Technology and Organization of Construction of the Institute of Forest, Mining and Construction Sciences, Oleg Igorevich Kulagin, Dr. Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of National History of the Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences.

As a result of a stubborn struggle, the winners of the university-wide competition were:

1st place: Olga Pavlovna Kälviyainen, 3rd year student of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, topic: “Developing an approach to the use of symbols and self-names of states in teaching geography” (supervisor – Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor Regina Fominichna Antonova).
II place: Amalia Vladimirovna Veselova, 1st year undergraduate student of the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, topic “Creation of a magazine about Karelia with author’s drawings” (supervisor – senior teacher Anna Ivanovna Belan).
III place: Elizaveta Aleksandrovna Zhikhoreva, 1st year undergraduate student of the Institute of Philosophy, topic: “The functions of jargon in the youth print media on the example of the student magazine” Moroshka “(supervisor – Dr. of Philology, Professor Vladimir Nikolaevich Zakharov).
The participants of the meeting noted the good organization of the event, the high degree of scientific character and elaboration of the presented reports.

Works of completely different directions were presented at the competition, each of them was interesting in its own way: the guys shared new ideas, already achieved results and further plans. In my opinion, this is very important, because at such events you not only develop your presentation and public speaking skills, but also gain a lot of metasubject knowledge that can greatly affect you and your scientific interests. The opportunity to share research experience, see a new problem for oneself or look at an old problem from a different angle – all this speaks of the indispensability of such events in the life of the university,

– Olga Kälviyainen, the winner, shared her opinion about the competition.

We sincerely congratulate the students on good scientific results and wish them success in the upcoming conference! We thank the scientific leaders for their work!