PrepLadder to offer free, high-quality tutoring to UPSC aspirants in a novel initiative

New Delhi : PrepLadder,  one of the fastest growing online learning platform in India, today announced that it will provide free coaching to UPSC aspirants who passed the UPSC CSE Prelims 2022, enabling them to move one step closer to pursuing their aspirations.

PrepLadder is prepared to provide the crash course with comprehensive training and immersive coaching experience to all ambitious aspirants. The array of offerings includes Holistic Coverage of Important Topics via video lectures, Mains Q Bank covering all GS Papers, All India Mains Test Series (10 Full-length GS Papers), Model Answers for Mains PYQs (2013–20), leveraging well-researched and effective lesson plans.

Students from across the nation can now take advantage of the best instruction and guidance from the top faculty to be ready for the mains. PrepLadder is committed to maximising the potential of UPSC candidates by providing high-quality, affordable coaching, and intends to be a guiding hand for students on their path to success.

Dr. Deepanshu Goyal, Co-Founder, and CEO, PrepLadder said, “We believe every student has the ability to change the world. As a Test Prep Platform, we want to assist students to reach their highest potential by cracking their coveted exams. As a part of the UPSC Mission 2023, we hoped to work together with UPSC CSE candidates, to maximise their chances of becoming India’s next officers. This is the very reason why we decided to provide all students who passed the UPSC CSE Prelims 2022 with free Mains preparation. We are confident that this initiative will make it easier for students to get in touch with us and gain access to top-notch instructors and study materials.”


PrepLadder is the brainchild of a young entrepreneur, Dr Deepanshu Goyal, who is the Co-Founder and CEO. His vision is to ensure that every student is given the tools they need to excel in their respective fields.