Presentation of Vik Muniz’s artwork for the 50th anniversary of the MAB programme

This November 17, 2021, UNESCO celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB) “It’s about Life!”

On this occasion, our UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, Vik Muniz traveled to Paris to present his work “Wild Flowers, Summer 1915 after Tom Thomson, 2021” elaborated specifically for the anniversary of the MAB Programme.

This collaboration began earlier this year with the transmission to the artist of hundreds of photos taken in various volunteer biosphere reserves designated by UNESCO around the world. Known for interweaving a multiplicity of unlikely materials and giving the whole a new meaning, Vik Muniz has created from these images a contemporary photographic mosaic. It proposes a colorful representation of the relationship of people with their environment, portraying a world where we can “Live together in harmony with the planet”.


Vik Muniz is a renowned Brazilian contemporary artist, with artworks exhibited in the world’s most influential museums. He was named a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in 2011 in light of his activism for sustainable development, as well as for his use of art education as a driver for social inclusion and sustainability.


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