Presidency University, Bengaluru and University of Texas at Arlington, U.S. ink MOU

Bengaluru: Presidency University, Bengaluru, and The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), United States, signed a Memo of Understanding (MOU) for offering a collaborative program, wherein the students of BTech (Computer Science and related disciplines) earn the BTech degree from Presidency University and M.S. degree from UTA in a span of five years. This was jointly announced by Sri Nissar Ahmed, Chancellor, Presidency University, Bengaluru, and Dr. Vistasp Karbhari, President, University of Texas at Arlington, on Friday, 30th August 2019, at the Presidency University campus in Bengaluru.

Under this program which offers several flexibilities, the aspiring student will study the first three years at Presidency University and in the fourth year, the student will enroll for the Computer and Science Engineering Undergraduate Non Degree Program at The University of Texas at Arlington. Successful completion of this program will earn the student the BTech Degree from Presidency University. After earning the BTech Degree and meeting the requirements for admission to UTA, the student will have the option of enrolling for the Masters of Science (MS) program at UTA, which, if carefully planned, can be earned in another one year.

While at UTA, “the student will be enrolled as a full time student with a course load of nine credits for each long semester. The student will be entitled to the use of the Student Union, the UTA Library, the Athletic Center and the Health Center,” says the MOU.

The MOU adds that through this co-operative education relationship, UTA and PU aim to train students in all disciplines. This agreement shall remain in effect for five years.

Speaking on the occasion, Chancellor of Presidency University, Sri Nissar Ahmed said, “We are indeed happy to formalize this partnership with University of Texas at Arlington which is known for excellence in academics. This partnership will provide opportunities to our students to get better exposure and international learning experience. The Chancellor appreciated the gesture of President Karbhari of UTA for his presence at Presidency University exclusively to mark the special occasion of signing the MOU.”

Addressing the faculty and students, President Karbhari said, “It is a pleasure to be here to sign a MOU that will not only establish a strong partnership between our institutions at a variety of levels, but will also provide opportunities for high-achieving students to join our university for a master’s degree gaining a world class education from our distinguished faculty,” UTA President Vistasp Karbhari said. “I have been very impressed by the vision of Chancellor Ahmed and the quality of the faculty and students at Presidency University and I look forward to seeing this global partnership flourish.”