President Hao Ping lectures at PKU School of International Studies

On the evening of October 8, Hao Ping, president of Peking University and chairman of the 37th UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) General Conference, visited PKU School of International Studies and gave a lecture titled “Talent Fostering for the UNESCO and Other International Organizations”, as a part of the guest lecture series on international organizations and global management offered by the Department of Intenational Organization and Global Public Policy. Professor Tang Shiqi, dean of the School of International Studies, Professor Zhang Haibin, associate dean in charge of the series courses, and Assistant Professor Chen Muyang participated in the class discussion. A number of students from related departments attended this lecture.

Hao Ping systematically analyzed the function and influence of UNESCO, the qualification of its personnel, and the opportunities it brought to China’s cultivation of specialists for international organizations. Based on his personal working experience, Hao Ping informed the students of the atmosphere and responsibility of UNESCO by elucidating its operating rules with plenty of vivid cases. For instance, to specify the qualities demanded of the personnel of international organizations, he shared the stories of his colleagues once co-working with him in UNESCO. He also discussed the current problems confronted by China in training professionals for international agencies and proposed possible solutions, with great importance attached to the capability of intercultural communication.

Hao Ping pointed out that the perfection of the newly-established Department of International Organization and Global Public Policy required the devotion of all its faculty staff and students. He encouraged the School of International Studies to cultivate more high-quality human resources for international institutes and global management.

Professor Tang Shiqi echoed Hao Ping’s arguments and stated that in response to the concern and expectation from Peking University and the state, the School of International Studies would be devoted to nurturing more talents for international organizations and global government according to both the strategy deployment of Peking University and the national strategic need.

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