President of India, Smt Droupadi Murmu inaugurated a conference on ‘Aspiring for Supermind in the City of Evolving Consciousness’ at Auroville today

The President of India, Smt Droupadi Murmu inaugurated conference on Aspiring for Supermind in the City of Evolving Consciousness’ at Auroville today (August 8, 2023). Earlier, she also visited the Matrimandir and a city exhibition at Auroville. 

Speaking on the occasion, the President said that Sri Aurobindo believed that Supermind can enable human beings to transform into divine beings. He gave the philosophy that supra-mental consciousness has the power to make this material world divine. She said that divinity has a different meaning and definition for each one of us. But one thing is common. The one that is divine has to be above the material and beyond the tangible. Divine mind is a pure mind. It is above the self. It thinks about the progress, unity and development of all.

The President said that the spiritual awakening of a mind can transform a common being into a conscious being. It is this awakening that can transform the individuals, organizations, countries and the world. When awakened minds come together and work towards common goals, unimaginable results can be achieved.

The President said that the idea of a Cosmic Being as propounded by Maharishi Aurobindo has a great relevance to the issues the world is facing. It is by understanding and adopting the concept of cosmic consciousness that many issues being faced by the world today can be resolved with harmony. The concepts of Supreme Being and the cosmic mind lead to the realization of the ultimate purpose of life. These ideals can help in making the world a harmonious and peaceful place to live in.

The President said that Auroville is a place where human minds explore, evolve and work together to achieve the larger goal of attaining Supreme Consciousness. It promotes the development of all human beings. She said that India is poised to lead the world in providing lasting solutions to global challenges. The Auroville community can make a great contribution in this endeavour.