President Pranab Mukherjee inaugurates Bose institute’s unified campus at Salt Lake, Kolkata

Kolkata : President Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the Bose Institute’s Unified Campus at Salt Lake, Kolkata today (June 29, 2017).

Speaking on the occasion, the President said that it was indeed a privilege for him to be present on the occasion of inauguration of the unified campus of the prestigious Bose Institute. He stated that almost a century ago, J.C. Bose, dedicated this Institute, the first of its kind in the country fully devoted towards scientific research, to the service of the nation. Today, with the inauguration of this new campus, Bose Institute is embarking upon a fresh phase in its journey, more so befitting as the Institute celebrates its Centenary this year. The President said he was informed that a series of international conferences, visits and lectures by eminent scientists including Nobel laureates are planned to celebrate this milestone. At the same time, the institute also seeks to chart a new course with the launching of a number of new Research and Social Outreach Programmes. Taking into account the projected expansion of the Institute, this campus is expected to serve its needs for many more years.