Primary Olympiads – rendering quality education at primary level

New Delhi: To strengthen the primary education at an early age, IX Primary Olympiads is scheduled to be held in India. The exam is designed in such a way that it helps both students and parents to understand the improvement areas and their National level academic performance.

Primary Olympiad runs as a National level certification program and competition for young learners along with their teachers from class I – V. The competition has five levels and the students studying in respective classes can opt for the respective levels. The Olympiad consists of Language, Mathematics and Science sections. The Language Olympiad focuses on spelling and grammar, Maths Olympiad focuses on Arithmetic & Geometry and the Science Olympiad focuses on science and environmental studies.

“In our education system, the National Level examinations are best held at only X or XII standard level, which hampers the educational outcomes. This situation needs to be addressed urgently, as lack of early transparency eliminates the system’s knack to rectify itself. There are tremendous contentions among academicians on measuring a students learning from younger grades. Some believe that the damage done to young children through exam stress outweighs the benefits of actual learning, and others contend that the examination results are not the actual reflection of true learning,says,Mr.Hemant Bisht, National Product Head, Primary Olympiad.

Students enrolled in the Primary Olympiad receive books as study materials which are aligned with their school curriculum and hence can also be utilized as an additional practice material. Students enrolled for the Language Olympiad receive a spelling book, a grammar book and comprehension & composition book. Students enrolled for the Maths Olympiad receive a maths text-book and an activity book. Students enrolled for the Science Olympiad receive a science text book and an environmental studies book.

A teacher’s guide is also provided to the teachers of the participating schools to enable them for effective preparation assistance to the students. A team of master trainer also assist the teachers of the enrolled schools on state-of –the art teaching methodology and easy ways to understand the subjects better.

“In parallel to the issue of not having annual exams, students in primary classes are devoid of exposure to non-academic and in-school activities as well. While the Government makes systematic yet gradual progress towards improving the education system, the approach that the Non-Profit Organisations have undertaken is to highlight the above issues and support the Government initiative by either creating a content of International standard or raise their exposure by conducting competitive exams.”Mr.Bisht further added .

Winners from each grade will be awarded a scholarship of upto Rs 10000/- along with certificates and recognition. For students not making it to the finale, in addition to awards, certificates and recognition, a detailed score card that analyzes their performance in a variety of competency dimensions is given. Schools also receive a confidential score card that shows how the school performed relative to other schools.

With Alumni bases in over 20 cities and associations with the best schools, the services provided are niche in the segment. Successfully implementing with the State Governments and PSU’s to support their quality education drive, Primary Olympiads continuously prove to have a substantial impact on effective learning

The Primary Olympiad was first launched in June 2010 in the name of ‘English Olympiad’ and was confined only to Mumbai. With over 9 years of excellence in it s unique domain, Primary Olympiad is the oldest certificate programs, emerging as the premium certification programs for primary classes in the country. Today over 12,000 students from 200 schools in 20 cities are part of the Primary Olympiad. The Last date for registration for this year is 15th October, 2018.