Principal College of Nursing invited for talk


Aligarh  : Professor Dr Farha Azmi, Principal College of Nursing, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, AMU delivered a talk on Continuing Nursing Education Program on the topic Team Building in health care. The seminar was held in online mode on 15th March by Rama University (Kanpur).

While inaugurating the seminar she said “Health care workers currently face challenges that are more intense than usual during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The medical field is no stranger to crises, but COVID-19 has caused, in many cases, a profoundly heightened environment — extending not just to the professional but to the personal lives of employees, leaders, partners, and patients”.

A strong leader can build a strong team by seeking out and also cultivating resilience — so in a time of high stress like during the COVID-19 pandemic, the leader doesn’t have to shoulder every responsibility, but can instead delegate to responsible employees. It’s also a way for employers to care for themselves and prevent burnout. “Once you see your team ecosystem work beyond you, then you think more clearly as a leader about what you specifically need to be doing.” She added.


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