Priyank Gothwal wins the prestigious Inlaks award for ‘Still Photography’

New Delhi: Priyank Gothwal, resident of Udaipur and alumni of the Shiv Nadar University has won the prestigious Inlaks Award. The Award is worth ₹ 3 lakh (for a period of one year) and requires the awardee to attend an art residency programme within India for a period of 4 weeks during the course of the year. Founded by Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation, the award intends to help young artists in their formative years to develop their creative talent by providing financial assistance in order to enable them to work independently anywhere in India.

Priyank’s expertise is in ‘stills’ (photography), along with all its genres such as archives, reprography and cinema graphs. He is an MFA alumnus of Shiv Nadar University, class of 2017.

Sumantra Sengupta, Professor and Head, Department of Art Design and Performing Arts, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Shiv Nadar University said, “It is our constant endeavor to nurture the artistic expression of our students. What they capture through their camera lenses is an articulation of how they see the world. Priyank has shown a lot of promise and this award is a great recognition of his talent. This award is also encouraging for the whole department at the Shiv Nadar University and inspires us to push the boundaries and reach for more.”