ProEves India Launches Special LEARN Campaign for Pre-Schoolers, on Children’s Day

Mumbai: Learning is a constant and ongoing process, that never stops. Taking this thought forward, ProEves, the online platform that helps parents to discover and book preschool and daycare centres for kids, launches their latest initiative the ‘LEARN Campaign’ on the occasion of Children’s Day. Determined to develop the foundational and cognitive skills of pre-schoolers across the nation in line with the National Education Policy, the campaign looks to support families and their kids, who lost out on precious learning time during the pandemic. Looking to overcome the many hours of lost time so far, ProEves will provide 3000 learning hours and support to preschoolers absolutely free, till the end of this year.

Preschooling Gap – witnessed in ’20-21

Timeline Preschoolers Learning Mode Participation Range % Preschooling Gap
June -Oct, 2020 Online Preschooling 15-20% 80%
Nov -March, 2021 Online Preschooling 20-30% 70%
April – Sept, 2021 Online Preschooling 30-50% 50%

The LEARN Campaign is multi-format and provides pre-schooling tips, live classes, and worksheets in all live, recorded and homeschool mode. ProEves along with its select associated Edge centres are partnering together on this campaign to reach out to hundreds of parents. This will help parents cultivate the fine, gross, and cognitive skills of pre-schoolers to prepare them for their future schooling environment.

Speaking on the LEARN Campaign, Ketika Kapoor, Co-founder and CEO, ProEves India, said, “At ProEves India, we strongly believe that learning never stops, and hence we are finding new ways to help young children learn something more interesting every day. We all know how much time the kids have lost in regular, offline learning environments due to the pandemic, over the past year and a half. Despite having the time, kids did not have the option to continue learning at their familiar pre-schools. These free 3000 hours of learning is what we want to offer for the next quarter and there could have been no other time to launch the initiative but Children’s Day. Our program has everything that preschoolers need to be packaged across these 3000 hours of free learning, and there was no better gift we could think of providing them this Children’s Day. We want to keep the young ones meaningfully engaged and make sure they have fun while learning for the next few months as we ease towards normalcy with centres slowly opening up by next year.”


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