Prof. Rishikesha T Krishnan, Director IIMB and Professor of Strategy, shares his insights on Atmanirbhar Bharat and how competitiveness and innovation can drive India’s growth

Bengaluru: The Communications Office and the Student Media Cell of IIM Bangalore launched the IIMB Podcast Series on July 12th, 2020. The podcast series aims to become a vibrant platform to discuss the latest business, economic, management, and social issues that matter. The Podcast series, which will run twice a month – on the second and fourth Sunday –will witness IIM Bangalore fraternity, including but not limited to the faculty members, alumni and students, provide their insights and perspectives on the topics and issues that surround us.

The third episode of the series, on August 9th (Sunday), will feature a conversation with Prof. Rishikehsa T. Krishnan, Director of IIM Bangalore and Professor in the area of Strategy and Innovation. Prof. RT Krishnan will discuss India’s push towards self-reliance, popularly called as the Atmanirbhar Bharat program, and how competitiveness and innovation can drive India’s growth.

COVID-19 has hit globalization harder than any preceding events and particularly when it comes to dependence and concentration of supply chains in a particular geography. To create an opportunity out of the pandemic, India’s Prime Minister gave a clarion call of Atmanirbhhar Bharat to make India self-reliant and drive economic growth. The policy road map of Atmanirbhar Bharat rests on the fulcrum of adopting innovative practices and enhancing the competitiveness of the Indian industry. The episode of the podcast touches upon various facets of Atmanibhar Bharat as to how India can develop and bolster its economic growth by riding on this plan.

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