Professor Anup Nandy’s research gives a solution to support healthy aging

Rourkela: Professor Anup Nandy from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of National Institute of Technology(NIT), Rourkela brought laurels for the Institute for his research on “Development of a pathological healthcare system for early detection of neurological gait abnormalities”. The research was a joint collaboration along with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT), Japan with the cooperation of Department of Science and Technology, Government of India and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).
In October 2017, Professor Nandy came up with this noble idea of implementing the high-level Machine Learning Algorithms in the field of medical science, especially in dealing with gait abnormalities. Gait abnormalities refer to the anomalies and abnormalities found in a person’s walking style. Since human beings have different anatomical structure depending on our age, gender and body-weight, the person is prone to various gait abnormalities. Due to lack of awareness of such diseases and problems, the abnormalities get unnoticed at the initial stages. Moreover, the assessment becomes a little less credible without proper software and automation that uses data analysis. In this matter, Professor Nandy says, ‘’ Our research deals with the problem of aging. We are still working on it. Results could offer in a short time a solution to support healthy aging, both in Japan and in India by diagnosing and monitoring at minimal cost neuro-musculoskeletal disorders’’ he adds.
Professor. Nandy’s research deals with making low-cost software and tools for neurological gait abnormalities detection and periodic assessment. He collaborated with Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy, Kolkata. It became his sample space for research and the data collected from the different age group children were instrumental in the research work. Professor Anup Nandy had presented the idea to Professor Gentiane Venture, one of the famous researchers and Distinguished Professor of Japan from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. After that, they eventually worked upon it. Although Microsoft Kinect is used in Gaming Applications, the technology has been incorporated in the research to detect gait abnormalities. The software helps in observing the body movements and detects the problems with high accuracy.
Professor Anup tells, ‘’As computer science enthusiasts and researchers, it’s our responsibility to serve society and contribute to it’s betterment. This noble approach bridges the gap between Computer Science and Medical Science. It is instrumental in the detection and assessment of various diseases. The low-cost software becomes affordable to everyone and can be beneficial to many in general’’.
He says, ‘’ NIT Rourkela has been performing excellently in the field of research and has a massive pool of innovative talents. Moreover, the increased interaction of interested students with the supervisors and professors would be more beneficial for the research enthusiasts’’ adds the professor. Earlier Professor Nandy had received the prestigious “NVIDIA GPU Grant Award”. Professor. Nandy visited the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan in the first week of March 2019 as a part of the research project. During his visit, he presented an impactful talk on his ongoing research.