Professor Homburg is the strongest researcher in business administration in the “Lifetime Achievement” category / double victory for Mannheim scientists

In the current business studies researcher ranking of the magazine Wirtschaftswoche, the Mannheim marketing expert Prof. Dr. Dr. hc mult. Christian Homburg was rated the most research-intensive scientist in the “Lifetime Achievement” category in German-speaking countries. Senior Professor Dr. Dr. hc Martin Weber is second in the ranking. This means that two scientists from the University of Mannheim top the renowned ranking.

For the fifth time, Professor Homburg’s life’s work has been recognized with the top ranking in the economists’ ranking. “The award is a confirmation of our high-quality and at the same time practical research work. Because good research shows not only in scientific excellence, but also in its practical relevance and applicability for managers ”, says Homburg.

Senior Professor Weber is ranked second, which is based on an overall evaluation of all publications to date. With Prof. Stefan Reichelstein, Ph.D., holder of the endowed professorship for general business administration, another Mannheim resident made it into the top 10 business economists with the best research skills. In total, seven scientists from the University of Mannheim were among the top five percent in German-speaking countries.

The business administration ranking appears every two years and evaluates the research performance of business economists who work or come from German-speaking countries. Not all publications are rated equally, but the value of each individual publication is determined depending on the quality and reputation of the respective journal. The ranking is drawn up by the KOF research institute of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich together with the Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics on behalf of Wirtschaftswoche.

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