Professor Peter Boor is awarded the ERC Consolidator Grant

The ERC Consolidator Grants are among the most highly endowed and prestigious research grants in Europe. Awarded by the European Research Council (ERC), they support young scientists in further expanding and consolidating their innovative research. Your doctorate should be at least seven and a maximum of twelve years ago. The basis for the award decision is the scientific excellence of the applicants and the groundbreaking potential of the research project. The funding amounts to up to two million euros and is designed for a period of five years.

Ten percent of the world’s population suffer from chronic kidney disease (CKD). In 2040 this disease is expected to be the fifth leading cause of death worldwide. Those affected belong to the most complex patient groups in internal medicine. However, this area does not generate the most translational, randomized clinical trials, mainly due to a lack of reproducible diagnostic approaches that directly reflect the activity of the diseases in the kidney. The aim of AIM.imaging.CKD is to develop, validate and integrate such approaches in the field of image-based diagnostics for CKD. Using various methods, image analysis models based on artificial intelligence are created. With preclinical tests and clinical validation, the focus is on accelerated implementation in clinical practice. Bringing these models together offers a comprehensive approach to improved diagnostics. The results should fundamentally change the image-based diagnosis of kidney diseases and thus lead to improved patient care.

Short biography of Peter Boor

Peter Boor studied medicine at the Comenius University in Bratislava and the RWTH Aachen. He then did his doctorate in 2009 at RWTH and the Slovak Medical University, before habilitation in experimental pathology in 2012. From 2009 to 2018 he worked at the Institute for Pathology at RWTH Aachen University as a pathologist, working group leader and lecturer. Since 2018 he has been the owner of the translational nephropathology teaching and research area at RWTH Aachen University and since 2019 head of digital pathology at the Comprehensive Diagnostic Center Aachen at the RWTH Aachen University Hospital. As part of the corona pandemic, Peter Boor has the GermanRegister for COVID-19 autopsies established. He has been leading and coordinating it ever since.