Professor PooGyeon Park Wins the 2020 Korea Engineering Award

Professor PooGyeon Park of POSTECH’s Department of Electrical Engineering has won the 2020 Korea Engineering Award.

Professor Park has achieved outstanding research results related to time delays caused by transmission speed constraints in wired and wireless systems of electronic devices. In particular, he opened the door for research on applying the theory of robust control to optimization techniques by proposing a meaningful numerical approach for the first time. In addition, he has garnered attention in both the academic circles and from industry with his excellent research findings, such as proposing ways to greatly improve the problem of computation that accompany the numerical approaches.

He received this year’s Korea Engineering Award for providing a theoretical background for interpreting and designing the system in consideration of various time delay factors that inevitably exist in virtual physics, smart grids, remote diagnosis and control, and virtual reality, which are the key industries of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Professor Park graduated from Seoul National University and received his Ph.D. from Stanford University before joining as a professor at POSTECH in 1996. He has been recognized for his outstanding research achievements and received numerous awards including the IJCAS Outstanding Service Award, IROS Academic Research Award, ICMIT 2015, 2017 ICCAS, and the IEEE ICA-SYMP 2019 Best Paper Award.

The Ministry of Science and ICT announced that it has selected eight recipients for this year’s presidential awards, including the Korea Science Award, the Korea Engineering Award, and the Young Scientist Award, in consultation with the National Research Foundation of Korea and the Korean Academy of Science and Technology.