Professors of SKKU Honored with Men of Merit for Health and Medical Service Technology Promotion

SKKU professors – Deok-Ryeol Na (School of Pharmacy), Hyun-Soo Kim (School of Pharmacy), Gyu-Ha Ryu (Samgsung Advanced Institute for Health Science & Technology), Soong-Ho Eom (Chemical Engineering) and Yoon-Sil Jang (School of Pharmacy) – received the 2020 Prime minister’s commendation and Minister of Health and Welfare’s commendation for their contribution to promote health and medical service technology.

A government award, “Men of Merit for Health and Medical Service Technology Promotion” which marked the 19th anniversary of this year, is designed to express gratitude to those who have outstanding achievements in the development and promotion of health and medical service technology and to share the meaning of health and medical technology.

Professor Deok-Ryeol Na received the Prime Minister’s commendation for his contribution to the development of dementia diagnosis and treatment technologies, including dementia diagnosis standards suitable for Koreans and the development of stem cell treatments for Alzheimer.

Professor Hyun-Soo Kim, Gyu-Ha Ryu, Soong-Ho Eom, and Yoon-Sil Jang are also recognized their contribution and received the Minister of Health and Welfare’s commendation.