Proprietary ELO Technology Revolutionises The Virtual Learning Space

Mumbai: SP Jain School of Global Management (SP Jain) announced today the ongoing successful student enrolments for programs offered using its new Engaged Learning Online (ELO) technology. With over 200 students across its four campuses have used the ELO technology. SP Jain reported that ELO has had a strong start in 2019.

ELO, launched late last year, is a one-of-a-kind virtual learning platform that brings the dynamism and engagement of a vitual classroom online and in real time. Currently, only a handful of top business schools in the world offer such immersive online experiences to their students, and SP Jain is the only business school within the Asia Pacific to do so.

“We are seeing an increasing number of students move online for the convenience and flexibility it offers. However, standard online learning, in my view, is not living up to its potential, in that it is failing quite miserably to engage, motivate and excite students. That is why you’ll notice that most students who enrol in online programs drop out even before they reach the halfway mark,” shares Nitish Jain, President of the School.

“With ELO, we have been able to adopt a more proactive approach to addressing the wide gaps left by online education in student engagement and motivation. Using some of today’s most cutting-edge learning technologies, we have been able to bring to life an actual classroom-like experience into the homes and workspaces of our students. They don’t have to come to campus; they can log in from any corner of the world and get all the benefits of an on-campus education, including one-to-one and group engagement with faculty and peers. Student response to this technology has been very positive and we are thrilled by it,” adds Nitish.

The first program to be launched using this unique technology was the School’s part-time Executive MBA. “The Engaged Learning Online platform of SP Jain is interactive and promising compared to other regular online courses. The experience is as good as sitting in a physical classroom, and my interactions with faculty and classmates have been excellent,” shares Pavan Teyari, student of the EMBA program taught through ELO. Pavan is the Director of Business Development at a leading digital innovation consulting firm.

Now it will be possible for students to follow a customized learning path accordingly to their individual learning needs and work and personal circumstances. This could include a student undertaking a mixture of face-to-face and online courses. “’The EMBA at S P Jain is typically a Batch Program with a group of students starting and finishing together. This has been a critical success factor for the Program’s success since 2004. However, students will now be able to follow a customized learning path which can include flexibility to interchange between face-to-face and online modes of learning. Many students strongly prefer doing courses face-to-face and others prefer the fully online EMBA. However, there is another market segment that may prefer a combination of both.” shares Dr. Gary Stockport, Dean of SP Jain’s Executive MBA Program and Professor Strategy.

Courses for the customised (interchangeable) learning path EMBA are expected to commence March 2020 and admissions are currently open.