Protected farming being done on Madhya Pradesh Governor’s initiative

Bhopal : Protected farming is in rapid progress in Raj Bhavan on the initiative of the Governer Shri Lalji Tandon. Hi-tech poly houses have been constructed to present practical examples of modern horticulture farming. Tomato, red and yellow capsicum, coriander, spinach, fenugreek, Lal Bhaji, broccoli and lettuce saplings have been planted in the Poly House.

Secretary to the Governor, Shri Manohar Dubey informed that vegetables will be produced throughout the year in the Poly House of Raj Bhavan. Vegetable grown in poly houses is of good quality. Compared to cultivation in the open, the productivity of crop also increases manifold in the controlled environment of poly houses. It is also free from insect-borne diseases. Organic vegetable production is also easy.

About 150 saplings of high brid tomato has been planted in the poly house. These will produce an estimated 7.5 quintals. Similarly, 255 cucumber saplings have been planted. They are expected to produce 10 quintals. There are 80 saplings of capsicum which will produce about two and a half quintal capsicum. He said that the average production of leafy vegetables in poly houses is about 2-3 kgs. Fenugreek, spinach, Chaulai, Lal bhaji saplings are planted in 146 sq ft each and coriander in 292 sq ft in the Poly House.

He said that it is necessary to promote protected and traditional farming to control the use of chemicals and pesticides. He informed that a practical form of protected farming has been prepared in Raj Bhavan. This method reduces dependence on soil. Horticulture crops can be produced more easily by this method. Residents of urban areas can grow vegetables as per their requirement without soil by this modern method. A Poly House which is a practical form of this method has been prepared in Raj Bhavan. From here, farmers and vegetable growers can learn, understand and adopt protected farming.