PRS International Group celebrated 13th Foundation Day worldwide

Washington: PRS International, media conglomerate group, celebrated its 13th foundation day recently. The company which laid down its roots 13 years back, today has emerged as World’s leading media conglomerate group, a unique advantage of PRS International group is organizational structure.

The Company’s renewed focus on creativity, technology and talent was rewarded with a steady stream of new business wins as clients responded positively to PRS International’s new offer and approach. The element that connects everything is creativity. The mixture of intelligent insights and innovative ideas creates moments that are captivating and convincing. The group dreamt to expand (PRS) International to 60 countries by 2020, and nearly accomplished its goal and succeeded in the mission.

Melissa Brandell, Board of Director, congratulated and praised the entire team for their contributions in earning the esteemed position, at which the group sits today. He also wished for the group perennial growth and success.

Dr Ranjan Kumar, Group advisor said “I am more confident than ever of the enduring demand for our services especially as we expand our offer in high-growth areas. Clients continue to seek out our ideas, our creativity and our ability to combine our skills in every discipline The group hopes to make many things easier in the future for its clients and congratulations to all for entering the 14th year of the triumph”.

S Vijay Kumar, Global CEO, PRS International Group said “ The field of public relations encompasses more than navigating the dialogue between clients and the media. It is a complex, detail oriented communications discipline that builds relationships and reputation, resulting in a measurable impact on the achievement of strategic goals. Our group has come a long way and we have not accomplished success overnight, our group has worked, grown positively and achieved various milestones every year. PRS International always aimed for better service and success. A team of senior advisors brings specialized industry knowledge guided by a multi-disciplined and proactive approach; PRS International group consistently delivers maximum exposure for our clients and their companies.

He also added “The group has also set up a goal to expand to 224 countries by the year 2025”



PRS International has come a long way in the field, every year we come up with innovative websites and platforms to attract an audience and make client service easy. In 2012 India’s Press conference portal was launched which also expanded to Malaysia in 2013. Since then the group has held international domination. In 2015 the BB News International website was launched for providing breaking news from around the world followed by WIN International Music in 2019 for the promotion of budding talents in the field of music and then the PRS Relationship website in 2020 for the coaching of relationships online. This combination promotes first class media content and innovative service solutions that inspire customers around the world.


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