Psychological support at PetrSU amid the coronavirus pandemic

In the context of the “new reality” created by the coronavirus pandemic, both students and teachers at the university often face problems that professional psychologists can help to cope with.
The Center for Psychological Health and Emotional Well-being of Petrozavodsk State University conducts psychological consultations for students and teachers of the university. Volunteers are involved in consultations – senior psychology students of PetrSU. For them, a program of additional training in psychological counseling and supervision was specially organized by the teachers of the center.

Students who experience a state of anxiety and anxiety seek advice primarily. Against the background of the pandemic, not only new problems have appeared, but old ones have become aggravated – these are the problems of loneliness, difficulties in relations with loved ones, and questions of self-determination.

– comments the head of the center, associate professor of the Department of Psychology of PetrSU Yuri Melnik.

As part of the work of the PetrSU Open University in social networks, psychologists of the department conduct online seminars on stress in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. The workshops discuss strategies for ineffective behavior to avoid and strategies for effective behavior to cope with emerging difficulties.

In social networks, teachers of the Department of Psychology of PetrSU regularly publish materials on the problems of preserving and maintaining psychological well-being in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, and tell how to behave in isolation. Teachers and students are offered recordings of lectures and consultations by professional psychologists on urgent problems that arise during the period of self-isolation,

– said the head of the department of psychology, head of the laboratory of psychological and pedagogical problems and health preservation of PetrSU Vadim Kolesnikov.

Teachers and students with children faced problems caused by the quarantine and the transition of schools to distance learning. At the beginning of the pandemic, with the participation of practicing psychologists, PetrSU developed a list of recommendations for parents, using which parents could explain to children what was happening, help them organize interaction with teachers during distance lessons and do homework.

Currently, students, staff and teachers of PetrSU, as well as residents of the republic can seek psychological advice at the Center for Psychological Health and Emotional Well-being. The consultations are conducted online.

Counseling can be used by those who experience psychological difficulties in family and professional life, faced with personal problems, as well as those who cannot cope with intense emotional experiences on their own.

The psychologists of the department will listen, provide all possible psychological assistance, make recommendations for self-help, or advise you to contact a specialist for therapy.

To sign up for a consultation and get a preliminary consultation, you can ask a question by phone +7 (921) 700-36-45, Melnik Yuri Ivanovich , Candidate of Psychological Sciences.

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