PTM held in Government schools of Udhampur district


UDHAMPUR : All Government schools of Winter Zone and summer zone in District Udhampur on Thursday hosted Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) as per DSEJ academic calendar.

The theme for this month PTM was “Primary Prevention of Tobacco use amongst the students” along with other routine academic and context specific topics. Parent teacher meetings are useful where you can hear from your child’s teacher, ask questions and share your thoughts so that you both can become partners in a child’s education.

The meeting witnessed active participation of the children and parents. An impressive lecture on drug abuse was also delivered by the staff members in the meeting. Parents were sensitized about the harmful effects of Drugs. The event saw an overwhelming participation of schools. Parents were informed about the Prahari clubs constituted in all GHSS and GHS to keep eye on any drug abuse within or around school premises. Guidelines of TOFEI (Tobacco Free Educational Institutions) were also implemented in the Schools by involving all the stakeholders including parents. They also discussed enrichment or intervention strategies that support students’ learning.

The PTM was attended and coordinated by HOIs and staff members of the schools. The PTM came to an end with the conclusion that Parent-teacher meetings were a good time to discuss any difficulties (either academic or behavioral) a child might be having at school.

Chief Education Officer Udhampur, Arvin Kumar Koul, in his message said that such meetings have become a regular feature in Government schools and parents are actively participating to discuss the issues related to their children.