Public defense at the Science Museum of PetrSU

New Delhi: On January 28, 2021, a public defense of museum subprojects of the Museum of Science of PetrSU took place in the Humanitarian Innovation Park.
The Humanitarian Innovation Park continues the development of the Museum of Science of PetrSU in accordance with the Roadmap of the project.

On January 28, in a remote format, public defense of 7 museum subprojects was organized: the Museum of Agronomy (curated by L.A. Kuznetsova), the Museum of Anatomy (curated by I.G. Pashkova), the Museum of Botany (curated by A.V. Sonina), the Museum of Zoology (curator OV Mamontov), ​​the Museum of History of PetrSU (curator A.V. Dzhaparidze), the Museum of Future Tourism (curator T.M. Glushanok), the Museum of Languages ​​and Cultures (curators E.N. Vorotilina and S.G. Guseva). Each of their curators presented the concept of their museum space, talked about the planned activities, substantiated the estimate of the necessary expenses for the development or creation of the museum.

PetrSU Rector A.V. Voronin highly appreciated the quality of museum projects, expressing a number of suggestions and wishes. The second public defense at the ISU is scheduled for February and will include a presentation of the remaining museum spaces.

The Science Museum will consist of 23 rooms, which will demonstrate the scientific experience of Petrozavodsk State University in order to popularize science.

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