Publishing Industry appeals to the Government for respite in the Budget

· Provision should be made in the budget for the book publishing industry – Ashok Maheshwari – MD, Rajkamal Prakashan Samuh

· In the Corona period, the relief packages announced by the Government had nothing to offer for the book publishing business

New Delhi: Given the important role of books in the promotion of education and knowledge, the government should make a provision in the budget for the book publishing industry. The relief package announced by the government for many industries and businesses, amid the challenges faced by the economy due to the Corona pandemic had nothing to offer to the book publishing industry.

Mr. Ashok Maheshwari, Managing Director, Rajkamal Prakashan Samuh said, “Like many other businesses at present, it is a time of crisis for millions of families involved in the book business as well. The business of book publishing is very small in the country. Books other than text books do not figure in the list of essentials of most of the population. Their purchasing power is also limited.”

He further said that the book business is not economically big in the country. Despite this, the role of books in making the country academically-intellectually advanced cannot be denied. But this business, which is necessary for the society needs relief, about which the government should take steps.

He said that everyone thinks that there is no GST on books. Of course, there is no tax on books, but, royalty, translation, editing, printing, binding, courier, etc. are all taxed. GST is also applicable on the sale of e-book and audio book. Mr. Maheshwari added that in order to make books accessible and to convey the fundamental right to education to the people, the work involved in the process of publishing a book should be made GST-free.


Mr. Maheshwari said that the government can also help the industry by arranging to make the software related to the book business available for a cheaper price. The government should bring strict laws to stop the publication of fake books. He said that by eliminating the quotation and tender-vendor system in government procurement of books; and cheaper postal and railway rate will also help the book business greatly.


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