PubNub witnesses 77.3% growth in e-learning transactions in April and May month

New Delhi: In these times of COVID 19, the pandemic has forced people to explore how this can be extended to education as well as sectors such as food delivery apps, healthcare and rideshare solutions. PubNub, a Silicon Valley technology firm witnessed over 77.3 per cent growth in e-learning transactions in month April and May.

Todd Greene, CEO, PubNub says, “At PubNub we believe that everyone, and every product, will be dramatically changed by our “always-on” connection to the Internet. The need for always-on and realtime technology continues to grow, and COVID-19 only accelerated the rate of adoption and need for this technology. Realtime experiences will now get more real, and people will find fewer needs to travel to and from work, meetings, conferences, seminars, and other events. The online experience will meet, and eventually exceed, the “real world” experience. The online tools to collaborate will become far superior to people standing at a whiteboard.”

Virtual Learning

Today, we are witnessing educators across the world, leveraging remote learning applications in creative ways to reach and engage their students at their home. According to the Human Resource Development Ministry in India, the absolute number of students enrolled in higher education alone is over 37.4 million.

e-Learning and educational technology come in two main flavours: technology to aid within the classroom itself, and services that enable remote learning. As schools move classes online, apps that facilitate video lectures and platforms for e-learning have seen an upward trend in usage. These services offer video lectures, plus features that allow teachers to keep track of how effective their lessons are, answer questions, and give and grade assignments.

It’s up to eLearning services to support organic, immediate interaction to make sure lessons are effective.

As we speak, the next phase of the school year in India is slowly rolling out online, with more and more teachers and educators adopting e-learning tools. As they do so, it’s up to these services to support organic, immediate interaction to make sure lessons are effective.

“PubNub supports both our academic and enterprise clients in India to ensure eLearning services support organic, immediate interaction to make sure all learning sessions are effective. We can have deep and meaningful collaborations with people on any subject: academic, creative, and professional. We have been working with leading players like Cuemath to enhance the experiences they are able to provide. eLearning products built on a realtime communication platform can deliver truly interactive experiences that work reliably at scale, across any kind of internet-connected device. Instead of simply showing classroom videos, teachers can engage students online with virtual whiteboards, live webcasts, slideshows, and realtime quizzes.”, opines Todd Greene.

PubNub operates the world’s leading Realtime Communication Platform, which connects, delivers, and controls the data and logic used to power realtime applications, especially relevant in education, at a global scale for thousands of companies around the world. Their services embrace an array of features like notifications, organic interactions, and responsive chat, providing human-speed, realtime experiences. Each of these services ultimately gives people a way to continue their lives, instruction, careers, and plans with minimal disruption.

The Need for Realtime

Realtime communications have led to student engagement being at all on time high. The interactions between the student and the software – and sometimes between the student and their online instructor – are immediate, powerful, and profoundly engaging. As a result, they become involved with the material more deeply and find themselves drawn more closely into the world of coding because the quality of their experience keeps them coming back for more.

Cuemath is the next-generation of eLearning – collaborative and Realtime by design, bringing together hundreds, or in some cases, thousands of people in a single, interactive environment. To build and deploy a scalable and reliable platform to deliver this functionality, Cuemath needed a hosted realtime service. PubNub was able to offer them a service that would handle key interactive features in the platform, including group chat and messaging, and the collaborative whiteboard.

Realtime multiuser spaces shape new approaches to learning & collaboration

The use of virtual shared whiteboards, classrooms and documents enhance learning and engage students online with virtual whiteboards, classrooms, live webcasts and slideshows, and realtime quizzes.

Shared, multiuser documents and spaces enhance collaboration and productivity. This improves workforce or workgroup productivity with secure, shared digital collaboration on projects, documents, and tasks.

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