Punjab Government directs the private schools not to increase school fees for 2020-21

Chandigarh: The Punjab Government has advised to the private schools not to impose any increase in school fees in 2020-21 over those charged in 2019-20.

A letter written to the Management/ Principals of all the Private Un-Aided Schools of the State, Director Public Instructions (SE) Mr. Sukhjit Pal Singh said that this decision has been taken due to the lockdown.

In this letter schools Management/ Principals have been asked that they should allow the option to parents to pay fees on monthly or quarterly basis. School managements are further advised to sympathetically consider the cases of students whose parents livelihoods may have been adversely impacted due to the lockdown, for fee waiver/ concession and no child may be denied access to education (online or regular) on non-payment of fee.

It is also directed that School managements should not resort to removal of any teacher or reduction in the monthly salary or total emoluments teaching / non-teaching staff. Schools Shall endeavour to impart online/ distance learning so that education is not adversely impacted due to the present or future lockdowns imposed due to COVID – 19.

It is also said that the schools shall not charge any fee for the period of lockdown/curfew, excluding the period of summer break. However, those schools who have provided or are providing online education during the period of lockdown, may charge tuition fee only, i.e. fee other than building charges, transportation charges, charges for meals, etc.