Punjab Government launches new initiative to educate school children through animation videos

Chandigarh: The Punjab Government has launched a campaign to provide online education to the students during the Covid-19 epidemic and has now launched an initiative to educate the children through animation videos.

Disclosing this here today a spokesperson of the school education department said that after the success of imparting the idea of online education, the department has now started its efforts to impart better education to the students through animation videos. The aim is to entertain the students as well as draw their better attention to the study so that they do not get bored while studying.

According to the spokesperson, these animation videos are being prepared by the teachers. The largest contribution is being given by the IT teachers in this campaign . They not only entertain the children but also keep them connected with the subject. According to the spokesperson, they are being highly praised by the students and their parents.

It is also to be mentioned that the teachers were inspired by the Education Secretary through online meetings. This was accepted by the teachers of the Education Department as a challenge and they started working on animation technique. This positive result has been due to the encouragement received from the department and the thought of the teachers doing something unique to teach the students from home to make ‘Mission Fateh’ a success under Covid 19. Lots of animated videos are being shared on social media by school principals and teachers, especially to primary school students.

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