Punjab Government will give special concessions to boost industries

Chandigarh: The Punjab Government will give special concessions to boost industries in SAS Nagar (Mohali) district. This was disclosed by Mr. Sundar Sham Arora, Minister of Industry and Commerce of Punjab, after a meeting with the members of Mohali Industry Association, Punjab Infotech and Industry and Commerce Department officials.

Arora informed that conversion charges from lease hold to free hold would be reduced from Rs. 825 per square meter to Rs. 20 per square meter besides exemptions in processing fee for services being provided by PSIEC and Punjab Infotech. Processing fees and other charges will also be exempted for various types of services, he added.

The Minister also said that all possible efforts were being made by the state government to promote the industry in Punjab and create a positive environment for the development of the industry.

Responding to the Mohali Industry Association’s requests regarding the safety and security of women, regular disposal of garbage, maintenance of roads, streetlights and green areas, the Minister also gave necessary instructions to the department.

The members thanked the Minister for Industry and Commerce for accepting the demand raised by the Mohali Industry Association regarding the issues related to the industrial area of the district SAS Nagar.

On this occasion, Mr. SMS Sandhu Chairman, Punjab Infotech, Additional Principal Secretary Department of Industry and Commerce Mrs. Vini Mahajan, MD,Punjab Infotech Mr. Rajat Aggarwal, Director Industry and Commerce Mr. C. Sibin, PSIEC MD Mr. Sumit Jarangal, Senior Vice Chairman, Infotech Yadwinder Singh Kang, Commissioner MC Dr. Kamal Kumar Garg, Mr. Pankaj Bawa, Mr. Parminder Singh, Mr. Ratinder Sachdeva, Mr. Yadwinder Singh Bains, Mr. Yogesh Sagar, Mrs. Loveleen Kapoor, Mr. Sunil Chawla, Mr. G.P. Gupta, Mr. Sanjeev Vashisht and Mr. Ramesh Chawla were also present.

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