QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022 – Four IIT Delhi Academic Programmes in Top 100

New Delhi: IIT Delhi has featured among the top 100 educational institutes in the world for four of its academic programmes under the Engineering and Technology category, which is the Institute’s strongest field, as per the 12th edition of the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022 announced on Wednesday.

The four academic programmes that are in the top 100 rank globally are Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Civil Engineering.

The Institute’s Electrical Engineering programme achieved 56th rank (overall score 77.5), Mechanical Engineering 64th (overall score 76.6), Computer Science 65th (overall score 71.0) and Civil Engineering was ranked in the 51-100 bracket (overall score 74.0).

The Institute has also been ranked among India’s top three domestically for Electrical & Electronic (1st rank), Statistics & Operations Research (1st), Computer Science & Information Systems (1st), Civil & Structural (1st), Mechanical (2nd), Mathematics (2nd), Social Sciences & Management (2nd), Material Science (3rd), Chemistry (3rd), Biological Sciences (3rd) and Sociology (3rd).

Speaking of the QS Rankings by Subject 2022, Prof. P.V. Rao, Dean, Planning & Head, Ranking Cell, IIT Delhi said, “IIT Delhi has been consistently performing very well in core Engineering Specialisations securing top 100 ranks globally. This year we have witnessed a substantial improvement in most of the specialisations like Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, etc. with improved scores of H-index and citations. IIT Delhi has also improved globally in other specialisations such as Mathematics, Social Sciences & Management, etc.”

QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022- IIT Delhi’s Global Performance

S. No Broad Subject Area Specific Subject Global Rank
1. Engineering & Technology Electrical and Electronic 56
2. Engineering & Technology Mechanical 64
3. Engineering & Technology Computer Science & Information Systems 65
4. Engineering & Technology Civil & Structural 51-100




Domestic Performance

Sr. No. Broad Subject Area Specific Subject Domestic Rank
1 Engineering & Technology Electrical & Electronic 1
2 Engineering & Technology Civil & Structural 1
3 Engineering & Technology Computer Science 1
4 Social Sciences & Management Statistics & Operations Research 1


Sr. No. Broad Subject Area Specific Subject Domestic Rank
1 Natural Sciences Mathematics 2
2 Social Sciences & Management Social Sciences & Management 2
3 Engineering & Technology Chemical Engineering 2
4 Engineering & Technology Mechanical Engineering 2


Sr. No. Broad Subject Area  Specific Subject Domestic Rank
1 Life Sciences & Medicine Biological Sciences 3
2 Natural Science Material Science 3
3 Natural Science Chemistry 3
4 Social Sciences & Management Sociology 3

A total of 51 specific subjects were ranked in 2022 by the QS under five broad subject areas in 1,543 institutions from across the globe.

The Institute has been currently ranked at 72 globally in the subject area Engineering & Technology in QS WUR by Subject 2022 with a score of 78.9 and 2 domestically in this category.

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