Qualcomm Supports Kids of Sunaayy across its Delhi Centers

New Delhi: Delhi based Non-Profit NGO Sunaayy Foundation has been working along the lives of lesser privileged children for over a decade and since 2018, it’s been supporting over 450 such souls. Most of its centers are situated right in Delhi so it’s understandable that the cold during the winter months is a tough one to ride through especially for these kids who come from an economically challenged background.

Over the years, Sunaayy has been confronting this and accepting it every time. Through various forms of donations and support in cash and/or kind, it has taken care of protecting its kids from the harsh winter by giving them the necessary winter wears to take care of the cold.

This year however posed a heightened demand for Sunaayy. With the number of children phenomenally growing in the last couple of years, getting a cover for all these children was a big ask this year.

So, when on a recent informal visit to Sunaayy Foundation’s Delhi Center, Qualcomm through its personnel visiting Sunaayy’s center offered help, they came as Angels sent from Heaven.

Ms. Richa Prasant, Founder of Sunaayy Foundation said, “We are delighted by Qualcomm’s gesture and we are thankful to all those personnel representing the multinational for taking out time from their busy schedules by thinking and acting for these children. We would wish more success and power to such organizations so that they come out to the forefront more often help these social causes.”