Qualitative tests of Corona are being done in Bhopal, C.T. Value is unjustified

Bhopal : Qualitative RTPCR tests of Corona are being conducted in the laboratories of Bhopal. The reporting of C.T value in these tests is unjustified. For CT value, quantitative RTPCR needs to be done, which is a very complex process. The laboratories are sending the line listings of only positive and negative cases, in which there is no mention of CT Values. Individuals found negative in Corona tests done by laboratories privately are also not provided with information of CT Value.

Giving this information, the Chief Medical and Health Officer of Bhopal said that a directive issued by the Indian Council of Medical Research, Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Government of india in August-2020, clearly states that such reliable research is not available, which can establish a certified connection between the severity and infectiousness of the disease with the C.T. Value. Test kits have different C.T. Values on the basis of which a person is confirmed positive or negative. This work is also done by laboratories in and outside Bhopal. This is the reason why no instructions have been given regarding positive or negative determination on the basis of C.T value. The inclusion of all CT value cases in the constant positive cases in Bhopal district makes it clear that no such instructions have been issued.

No lab sealed due to positive cases

A news reported in a local newspaper saying a particular lab has been sealed after maximum people testing positive in the Corona tests is totally baseless. The reality is that this laboratory had not taken any prior permission to collect the samples. It is totally illegal to do the above work without permission and prior inspection. Therefore it was necessary to shut down the lab. More than a dozen private laboratories who have obtained permission to collect samples are collecting and testing samples uninterruptedly.

No technical instructions given to laboratories from the district level

Corona testing laboratories have been instructed to strictly follow instructions issued at the national and state-level. No technical instructions have been issued to the laboratories at the district-level. All RTPCR laboratories located in Bhopal are free to work while adhering to the instructions issued at the national and state level.


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