Qubo, A Hero Group Venture, collaborates with Kareena Kapoor Khan for a Digital campaign on Qubo Baby Cam

New Delhi: New mothers returning to work often find balancing career and primary caregiver responsibilities challenging. No technology can replace the physical and emotional bond that develops between a mother and a child during their formative years, however, millennial moms are leaning upon technology to ease into the dual role of managing personal and professional responsibilities. Qubo – A Hero Group Venture’s collaboration with Kareena Kapoor Khan Showcases how she stays connected with her children through artificial intelligence bundled in Qubo Smart Baby Camera while she is away for work. The campaign highlights Qubo and its key features that help Kareena in managing work and motherhood seamlessly, especially after Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan became parents again earlier this year.

Kareena Kapoor Khan exemplifies how motherhood and professional growth can go hand-in-hand. A powerhouse of talent, the hands-on doting mother to two adorable boys has always challenged conventional norms to set examples for women to embrace motherhood without giving up their passion for work. She has worked on films, television shows and her radio show, all through her second pregnancy and simultaneously looking after Taimur Ali Khan, her first-born.

The 60-second digital film (available on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/p/CNzCVdipu5L/?igshid=rdxzh1sf0ycd) featuring Kareena Kapoor Khan using Qubo’s Baby Cam to stay connected to her children underscores how technology can enable new moms to resume work without any worries. The film brings to life how she has been able to seamlessly get back to work post the birth of her second child with the help of Qubo Baby Cam, India’s first truly Smart Baby Monitor.

Sharing her thoughts about balancing motherhood and work commitments, Kareena Kapoor Khan, on the occasion of this collaboration, said, “New parents always face a tough time trying to balance their professional and personal lives, especially working mothers who want to kick-start work after their maternity break. However, this shouldn’t hinder the way the kids are being taken care of. A common solution could be being with your kids while working which is physically not possible every time. It is only good that with the help of advanced and smart technology we can stay in touch with our kids while working at the same time. Qubo Smart Baby Camera is a product that falls in the right space. It is a must have for young and expectant mothers who are going back to work. I am excited to partner with Qubo for this”

Commenting on this partnership, Rahul Jain, Chief Business Officer, Hero Electronix, said, “Qubo’s range of smart products are exclusively designed to fit the needs of the Indian market. Qubo Baby Cam intends to make Indian parents feel secure and stay connected with their kids. It is a great honor to have someone as established as Kareena Kapoor Khan be a part of the Qubo family and bring it to the forefront, for she understands and truly believes in the challenges that are being addressed through Qubo Smart Home Camera. Through her, we want to show that parents, especially mothers, need not compromise on their personal lives and be there for their kids at the same time”

Qubo Baby Cam is the first in class smart baby monitor that smartly keeps you connected with your baby when you’re not around. With an attractive & child friendly penguin shaped design, it can be installed inside your baby’s room. Through the Qubo App it lets you remotely monitor your little one at any point in time with Full HD Image quality, be it day or night, and seamlessly talk back with crisp and clear two way Audio. With Breakthrough AI, It instantly notifies you when your baby cries and automatically plays its favorite lullaby to soothe him/her. With the Virtual Crib, you can even mark a safe zone for your baby and get notified as soon as baby leaves the zone. It also allows you to see everything your baby has been doing through the day with a beautiful time lapse video, hence, making it a perfect video gallery of his/her precious childhood moments.


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