Queen Mary University of London: President and Principal of Queen Mary University of London visits Mexico to expand and strengthen partnerships with Mexican Institutions

This agreement expands the current partnership activities which allows the growth and strengthening of the partnership with UABC. This includes initiatives that will benefit students and academic staff from both institutions. In addition, it will permit scenarios to be created where staff and students from both institutions will come together to solve scientific and social problems of interest to both; furthermore, for the two nations.

After the signing of the agreement between UABC and Queen Mary, Professor Bailey met with students from the Research School and medical and nursing students who recently took the Nature, Nurture and Mental Health course delivered online by staff from the School of Biological and Behavioural Science at Queen Mary.

Professor Bailey then gave a presentation about the university, which prompted a very interactive session of questions from students which Colin was happy to answer in detail and at length. The enthusiastic students expressed their desire to undertake postgraduate programmes at Queen Mary and enjoyed an informal chat and photos with Professor Bailey before he was interviewed by state TV and radio.

Professor Valdez, the Rector of UABC, gave a tour to his guests of the new campus currently under construction before hosting a dinner that took place in the surroundings of the vineyards belonging to the Autonomous University of Baja California.