Queen Mary University of London: Queen Mary hosts local young people as they tackle health inequality

More than a hundred local young people have joined a weekend of learning hosted on Queen Mary’s Mile End campus run by the charity, Health Pioneers.

Founded during lockdown, and run entirely by volunteers, the charity aims to tackle health and education inequalities in London. This is achieved through empowering young people to become pioneers in improving health in their community.

Armed with knowledge, participants will learn how to share their new skills with family, friends and communities, whether starting a poster campaign at school, or talking to people locally in community settings.

Alongside the project, the charity also works to support young people who might want to consider a career in health. The aim being to create a workforce made from the community for the community.

Organiser Dr Raoul Li-Everington said: “We hope that this project will be a launch pad for hundreds of young people in East London to improve their own health and the health of their communities. Empowering young people with health and leadership knowledge will ultimately reduce inequality.”