Queen Mary University of London: Queen Mary’s Digital Environment Research Institute hosts first Fintech event

The invite-only event, which took place on 15 June 2021, aimed to explore potential collaborations between innovative financial technology (FinTech) companies and Queen Mary.

In total, 13 FinTech companies signed up for the event which aimed to showcase some of the exciting research in financial technology taking place across Queen Mary’s schools of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences, Economics and Finance, Business and Management, and Law.

London is well-known the leading city for FinTech in Europe, and this shows no sign of slowing down despite the pandemic or Brexit. Sitting in close proximity to East London’s Tech City, the City, and Canary Wharf, Queen Mary is ideally placed for engagement with nearby businesses looking to expand their product offerings and research in collaboration with academia.

Commenting on the event, Director of DERI Professor Greg Slabaugh, said: “We’re really pleased with the success of our first FinTech event, which has helped to kickstart some collaborative ideas between Queen Mary and London FinTech companies breaking new ground in the financial technology sector. We’re now working hard to turn these ideas into action and begin setting up these promising projects.”

“This is just the start of DERI’s work to establish innovative multi-disciplinary research collaborations with local industry, and we’re hoping to hold another larger event next year – so watch this space.”

About the event
Attendees ranged from newly formed FinTech companies to more established “unicorns” with large valuations. The agenda included company presentations by Wise and IMMO highlighting data science challenges and opportunities.

Professor Andrew Livingston, Vice-Principal (Research and Innovation) at Queen Mary kicked off the event, introducing different dimensions of FinTech, discussing the findings of the Khalifa Review released earlier this year, which highlights the importance of academia and industry to work together for innovation and growth, and finally providing some insights into the future of FinTech.

Queen Mary’s Business Development Team also supported the event and shared the different ways companies can collaborate with Queen Mary, including consultancy, knowledge transfer partnerships (KTPs), and Innovate UK grants.

Showcasing research
The event showcased some of the latest methods in a wide variety of FinTech-related topics through talks from leading researchers across Queen Mary, including:

Bayesian Networks for causal data analysis, with applications to loans and risk management presented by Professor Norman Fenton
Machine learning for investments such as bond risk premiums and household finance, presented by Dr Daniele Bianchi
Pricing and risk management tools that are mathematically consistent, efficient and fast, presented by Dr Kathrin Glau
Digital currency law and regulation presented by Professor George Walker
Tests of market efficiency and behavioural finance presented by Professor Gulnur Muradoglu
Software to detect anomalous and illicit transactions in the cryptocurrency market presented by Dr Vincenzo Nicosia.