Queen’s University Belfast: Queen’s to host global ‘Sustainability Summit’ featuring expert speakers on climate emergency

The online summit is part of the university’s second Winter School and will run from 17-21 January 2022. It will give participants access to a unique series of thought-provoking inter-disciplinary talks featuring leading academics across Queen’s University.

The online programme is aimed at students from any discipline at any university around the world and will offer the opportunity to engage with new ideas and insights, build networks and enjoy productive discussion with other students who want to contribute to the critical conversation and debate around climate change.

Professor Mark Emmerson from the School of Biological Sciences at Queen’s Unibersoty, said: “Building on the success of our first Winter School last year, this year we are offering a choice of cross-discipline, in-depth talks around issues and solutions on sustainability. Queen’s is a world leader in research and this event will provide the opportunity to hear our experts share their expertise and opinion on the climate and ecological challenges facing our planet.”

The summit will provide the chance to delve deeper in key debates through a thought-provoking menu of seminars around sustainability and climate change themes – from politics, health, nature and business to social policy and engineering solutions that could help tackle climate change.

Students will be afforded the chance to:

Participate in key student debate on the latest sustainability issues
Explore insights, ideas, and impact with inter-disciplinary talks and seminars
Help to shape future thinking and policy around sustainability themes
Build networks with other students interested in sustainability and impact