QuickShift launches same-day delivery service QS-Rapid in Mumbai

Mumbai: Adding another feather to its hat, plug and play logistics company QuickShift has launched its same-day delivery service QS-Rapid in Mumbai. The company that has set a target of providing unique supply chain solutions for large and small enterprises for product deliveries to happen on time, has launched this service to cater to the online orders received for D2C brands on its system to be delivered on the same day to its customers. Currently operating with 50+ delivery partners, QuickShift plans to add 5x more order volumes in the coming months and ramp up its partner network accordingly. The company also plans to target all the major metros in the country in a few months and commence operations in geographies having majority of e-commerce consumption and where timely delivery is a critical factor in cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata, and Pune.

“We believe the market for same-day delivery is fuelled by underlying macro-trends, including increasing GDP, per capita income, rapid e-commerce adoption, urbanization, and changing consumer expectations. The reality is that consumers want quick, easy, and accessible products straight to their door. Same-day delivery is a game-changer because it combines the immediate product availability of brick and mortar retail with the convenience of ordering from home. The option of having same-day shipping reduces cart abandonment by close to 25%. It encourages consumers to shop more online.While it has its own challenges, we feel that few cities in India today provide the dynamism to make it work,” said Anshul Goenka, CEO and Co- Founder, QuickShift


With QS-Rapid, customers can discover the product on the brand’s website and enter a pin code to check the feasibility of same-day delivery and select the delivery slot as per choice or convenience. The end customer can track the shipment live through a tracking link that is sent to him/her through text/ WhatsApp.


“Our technology is built end to end where the brands can have a single view over their orders and confirm delivery statuses. The end customers can check notifications and get an enhanced delivery experience. At the back end we have combined WMS + OMS capabilities with Middle Mile (In transit hub Management) and Last Mile (Partner delivery app) for a seamless experience,” added Anshul Goenka, CEO and Co-Founder, QuickShift


Furthermore, Quickshift will also offer an array of solutions that will include multiple pickups for the same day, reduced weight discrepancy issues, reduced fulfilment costs, lowered freight cost and investment in warehouse management, increased revenue generation and many others.

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