Quiz for the Day of Karelian and Vepsian Writing

3rd year students of the Department of Baltic-Finnish Philology of the Institute of Philology and students of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology studying in the direction of “Pedagogical Education” (with two training profiles) took part in a quiz dedicated to the Day of Karelian and Vepsian Writing.
The quiz was prepared and conducted by the teacher of the Karelian language A.A. Afanasyev.

The students learned why the Day of Karelian and Vepsian Writing is celebrated on April 20, remembered the history of the development of the Karelian language, the districts and regions where the Livvik, Ludik and proper Karelian dialects of the Karelian language are spoken, as well as the phonetic features of all three dialects. In addition, we found out how concepts such as adverbs, dialects and dialects differ.

The participants of the quiz discussed where and how the Karelian language is studied.

The event was held within the framework of the Karelian Language Week and is aimed at popularizing it among students.

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