QuizNext ties up with more than 100 Schools for providing education assignments

New Delhi: The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in shutting down of educational institutes, affecting over 1.2 billion students globally and over 320 million (32 crores) in India alone. The students that were most affected from this lockdown were students from class 9 to 12. Considering the current situation, over 100+ schools have registered with QuizNext in order to provide a one-stop solution to the schools, teachers and students for daily assignments.

This sudden shift from school learning to virtual learning was not easy for the students as well as teachers. However, with the help of ed-tech apps schools are slowly coming back on the track and students are also enjoying the new medium. Announcing about the collaboration Guruprasad Holla, CEO of QuizNext said “The pandemic has taught all of us to adapt new things and that is the reason we all are finding new ways to keep business afloat by using different mediums. We should see this as an opportunity as virtual learning is going to take a giant leap considering the new education policy will be implemented from the next year”.

Switching to E-learning platforms proves to be an easy platform that allows teachers the ease of effective assessment. A regular quiz in classes ensures that the students remain engaged and the teacher gets regular feedback on her teaching methods.

Commenting on the tie-up, Sunita Srivastava, Principal, said, “Students like it, all the teachers too. We are able to measure student concept understanding quickly, but it took some time for us to switch from test mode to formative assessments. With Quiznext we now do 3-5 formative assessments for every chapter as it’s easy to conduct and takes no time. Formative assessment will ease the overall academic year but replacing the exam is a very big change for now”. Whereas Amrita Swaroop, Head of Department- Chemistry, Sushila Birla Girls’ School said, “Continuous formative assessments will also help students to apply their knowledge and not just who gathers the information. In this direction, the future will be bright for students.

QuizNext helps in providing daily assignments, with education contents and practice materials for CBSE & ICSE students. The platform is also supporting teachers and schools to get multiple quiz questions on everyday basis referring to the syllabus on subjects like Mathematics and Science. Regular quizzes in classes ensure that the students remain engaged with the topic and teachers get regular feedback.

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