Qural launches ‘My Vaccine’ & ‘Vaccine Monitor’ feature to simplify Covid-19 Vaccination Queries

Hyderabad: Qural, a smart mobile healthcare app with simple dashboard, UI and UX features, that enables to take control of one’s health information, today announced the launch of 2 new mobile features, that will address all the doubts and questions that are in the minds of people about Covid-19 vaccination. The 2 new features “My Vaccine and “Vaccine Monitor” are free to use and will help the users find answers to several questions that are related to vaccination.

The developer of Qural App based in Hyderabad, is a subsidiary of the US headquartered Saince Inc, engaged in working closely with hundreds of hospitals close to two decades. Qural was designed keeping in mind the need to provide access to affordable healthcare to people across the country.

Raghu Vir, Founder and CEO, Saince, Inc & Qural App, reveals, “My Vaccine” & “Vaccine Monitor” are built using our proprietary technology. While Qural’s My Vaccine is developed by taking into consideration the priorities of population segments decided by the Government of India, like production capacity of the vaccines, the number and spacing of shots etc and to get an idea of when will one get his or her vaccination, Vaccine Monitor, help users to keep track of the side effects of the vaccine after they receive their first and the second vaccine doses. The new feature also proactively sends alerts and reminders to users to keep track of their vaccination.”

He adds, “we have done extensive scientific research and created an algorithm based on current guidelines from the Government of India, made it flexible, even if regulators change the rules in the future. Furthermore, we can change the model by aligning closely with the Government directives to help citizens and spread awareness of Inoculation.”

Saince HealthTech’s Qural App launched earlier, is a free-to-subscribe, healthcare mobile app to aid patients, physicians, pharmacies, and labs interconnect with each other. It is an app with an integrated mobile EMR solution that enables doctors to manage patient charts and document patient care.

This healthcare application provides an easy and seamless flow of information across and between stakeholders and can be downloaded free from app stores. The app also facilitates video consultation with doctors, book lab appointments, and home delivery of medicines. The app is available for download from Google Play Store and iOS. To know more https://www.qural.in/


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